Monday, January 4, 2010

you're so 2000 and late!

welcome to 2010, everyone! i must say, mine is off to a pretty fantastic start. now raise your hands, how many of you have already made (and broken) your new year's resolutions? i haven't made resolutions in several years (largely because i don't ever keep them and i decided a while ago not to set myself up for failure!) but there is something symbolic of the time period, starting fresh with a new goal in mind. so...


i am pretty sure that i can commit to this one. i found this resolution generartor from the good magazine twitter feed.

while i'm not much for resolutions, i do enjoy lists. so much in fact, that when i found this girl's blog shortly before my (dreaded) 28th birthday, i found it inspiring. she had made a list of 24 things to do while she was 24. can you guess what happened next? i have just over 3 months to complete my own lengthy and ambitious list. it's not going to happen, because a lot of my plans were made when i had a roommate to split to bills with, and life sans roommate has rendered a lot of them prohibitively expensive. but hey, there is always 29! here are a few of the things i have managed to cross of my to-do list. (such a nice feeling!)

* hang curtains in my apartment

* learn to make risotto

* take a yoga class

* try out for roller derby (... alright, alright. technically this didn't actually happen but i'm going to give myself a pass on it because i did go to the practice and realize i was in waaaaaaay over my head. next year, it's on!)

* volunteer somewhere

* start an etsy shop

there are lots more to go, but i'm in the home stretch, right? this was just for fun so i'm not going to beat myself up if (when) i don't cross them all off. instead i will learn from experience and perhaps make my list for 29 slightly more attainable. and affordable. (we're in a recession, maybe you've heard.) how about you? any resolutions or goals for the year?