Tuesday, April 19, 2011

if I could turn back time

Alright, so I know you said you didn't want to post any wedding things on here, but since I'm married I figure its ok for me (bekah) & not you (hampton)!

I'm pretty sure I've shared this with you before but just in case, here is a reminder. I really wish while I was planning my wedding I knew about blogging! So many great and creative ideas and products. I loved my wedding and I truly felt like it reflected mine and Pete's personality, but every once in a while I find something and think "Damn! That would've been perfect for my wedding!" While looking up rice & bean recipes (that's another post) I randomly clicked on an old favorite blog (that had nothing to do with rice & beans) and died. Twigs & Honey blog.

Are they not gorgeous? Or maybe its just me. I think with my dress these head pieces would've been alittle much but if I saw these first, I would've planned the dress around it. Would it be to much for me to ask to wear one of these to your wedding (of course not the veils or bridal caps, but maybe a headband?!)?! No?! Aww, thanks friend! (I'm sorta kinda kidding, ha!)

Also, would it be weird if I told you I loved this dress & totally see you in it?! I think it's weird I think of these things. Please tell me I'm wrong and you love that I think of these things! And, of course I would never feel any type of way if you were like "uh Bek, that's nice but just not for me." I'm just having fun playing dress up with you!

Even if none of these things were your fancy, & maybe it's not really nice of me to show you these things but I couldn't resist! I hope you don't mind friend!

bekah xo

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