Monday, March 28, 2011

got milk?

You know how you (Bekah) and I (Hampton. Duh. Keep up, people!) used to have a recurring conversation about how I like fruit... and you would say "I wish I liked fruit" (which I still think is a funny thing to say!) and then you would talk about how you like milk... like you like it enough to get thirsty for milk, and then I'd tell you that was weird?

I don't know, I just have never really liked milk. I use it in coffee, and in cereal, but I have never really been crazy about it on its own. Unless it's accompanied by a brownie or a cookie, and that's just a classic pairing. And I guess, no longer on its own, which brings me back to my original point. Milk = meh. But I did see these on Oh, Joy a while back ago and I thought that maybe I could learn to love milk.


Milk straws! From what I understand the little flavor sprinkles inside the straw gradually melt to give a bit of flavor to your milk as you drink it. Is it more healthy to drink milk that has been doused with sugar, or to drink no milk at all? I am not sure, but it can't be any worse for you than a Coke!


This is a genius idea too. That milk looks like it knows how to party. In real life, sprinkles kind of annoy me, just because they fall off and get all over everything, but I have to admit that this is pretty damn cute. I found this picture on Pintrest, the latest greatest time-suck I've found online. Maybe if all milk looked this festive I would enjoy it more! Here's hoping!


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  1. i love the little milk shooters, that is right up my ally!
    im iffy on the flavored milk, chocolate is about as adventurous as i get with milk.