Monday, March 28, 2011

ruffles and geese

You (Bekah) are sooo much better at keeping up with the blog than I am. So I have been shamed into posting more regularly. Normally I would blog from work, but we just got a new supervisor (my previous supervisor basically demoted herself, so now she is just a regular customer service rep- regular except she still makes more money than we do...) and I'm still testing the waters as far as how chill he'd be about things like that. For the moment, I'll just have to blog from home. I know, life is hard.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some internetty things I've been looking at for a while. I know that you know that I loooooove Anthropologie. One of the things on my birthday list for this year is to compile a portfolio that I could take in to apply for a visual display job there. Hello, dream job. Also, hello, employee discount!! One of their items that I've been drooling over for some time now is the Flamenco Shower Curtain.


So aptly named. Doesn't it look like something a Spanish dancer would bathe behind? There is also a red/pink/orange version, but these blues and greens are more doable for our bathroom. So, it's lovely and everything, but it's also $118. NGH. Not Gonna Happen. BUT the powers of the internet have brought me an alternative. Apparently I'm not alone in lusting after this bad boy despite the hefty price tag, and I've found a couple of different tutorials for how to make it yourself. I think that rather than buy the fabric for each layer separately, I will just buy a bunch of white fabric, and use Rit dye to get the colors I want. I do have a turquoise flat sheet that I bought at a garage sale (is that weird?) with the intent to make a dress out of it (is that weirder?), and it's just a tiny bit more green and more vibrant than the bottom ruffle on the anthro version. Just how I like it. So I may forgo the dress and use that as the bottom ruffle. Who knows. First I need to get a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. Which is actually my mom's sewing machine. And she mentioned last week she might want that back... so maybe first I need to get a new sewing machine. Details, details!


Here's another fun thing. I saved this picture a few years ago (before I learned about blogging etiquette, and that you should always note the source of the photos for the fun things you share... crap!) and now I have no idea where it came from. I think perhaps decor8 but I don't really remember. Anyway, i love everything about this pic. The loveseat with the curved back and the tufting, the mid-century style table (looks a lot like this Ikea coffee table on stilts), but especially the hodgepodge of gooseneck sconces on the wall grouped together. I think that some of them (possibly even most of them) are probably actually desk lamps that have been mounted to the wall. Since we are renters, I can't really go bat-shit crazy drilling holes in my walls for the time being. I did have the idea that i could just get a really large piece of plywood and mount a bunch of lamps to the plywood, and then lean it up against a wall. I'm not sure how I would keep the plywood upright at the right angle to make that work. I have visions of the weight of 40 different gooseneck lamps pulling the whole thing down and scraping up the hardwood floors in the process... so perhaps i should wait until the boy and I are in a place of our own that is more suitable for such experiments. Until then, I dream of wacky lighting installations like this one. And this one (from weheartit). And this one (also from weheartit). Especially this one (weheartit, duh. Do you click on the links when I link this crap? You should, they are good.).

And that is all I have for you tonight, my friend. The internet is tired, and it's going to bed. I am too, goodnight!

xoxoxo hampton

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  1. im kinda in love with that shower curtain, and the tub!