Friday, March 25, 2011

Mini Shopping Spree

I just indulged on a little shopping spree.

It all started when I was looking at iPhones.

Verizon finally has the iPhone and I've been itching ever since to get one. The only problem I see is Apple will of course come out with a new one just as I'm getting use to the touch screen interface. Although the more I think about it, I don't care and I want what I want. But luckily my shopping spree didn't start there. I still have a month to go before I can upgrade.

So what did I buy instead?! VANILLA BEANS!
I know, big spender! I've been dying to make my own vanilla extract for close to 2 years (ever since I saw this blog post), and now that I finally have vanilla vodka in my freezer I'm gonna do it! It takes a bit of time, but I want it for when I make cookies at christmas, so really I'm just planning ahead. (for once!)

Also, I finally ordered my Home Try-on glasses from Warby Parker. Excited to see if I like them or not. I desperately need a pair.

10 bucks on a feel good shopping spree?! Not to bad, I must say.

bekah xo

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